July 29, 2016


Hi, I’m Alaina Langridge and I am New Zealand Registered Clinical Nutritionist.

My focus is on whole body health, or holistic health as you may have heard it called. Holistic nutrition is simply looking at the body as a whole being and treating the root cause, not just the presenting symptom(although working on these is great too!).

When you see me during a consult I will be looking at your diet as well as your lifestyle, your physical activity, your mentality and your surroundings! Having all of these in balance is KEY when working to be the happiest and healthiest you can be!


I began my nutrition journey at a very young age, before I can remember even. My mum always had a passion for gardening, natural remedies and cooking the most delicious meals. I was very fortunate which not everyone is. In my early 20’s I then began to realise more fully that all those things my mum had taught me actually had merit and formalised my education into the Nutrition Field. I studied Anatomy and Physiology and then followed that on with a Diploma in Nutritional Science and I am registered with the Clinical Nutrition association of New Zealand.

I have recently moved my focus towards two areas of health and wellness: The Gut and it’s associated disorders, and Women’s Health and having happy sex hormones. I am hugely passionate about both these areas of health and treating them from a lifestyle perspective.

I am also a qualified personal trainer and work from a local gym in Christchurch a couple of days a week.

I enjoy finding the balance between my physically intense passions which include rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking and running and taking in the more quiet aspects of life such as sitting in my cosy home with a book from my never ending “to read” list, or pottering around in the kitchen creating recipes and making huge meals to keep my husband happy.

I look forward to meeting you in clinic!